Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Are all of your items handmade?
A: The hangers and the clothes are pre-made, we just paint/dye them. The dolls are handcrafted from head to toe and the knitting needles are crafted from topper to tip.

Q: Can I choose a different color personalization on the hanger? Also, can I mix and match the animals and hanger colors?
A: Contact us and request a color change and tell us what color you prefer.

Q: How are the animals attached to the hanger? Can I remove them?
A: The original purpose of having the animal on the hanger is to distract a baby while you are changing them. The animals have small hand-stitched loops in the back of them. The can easily slip on/off the hanger.

Q: Can I specify a particular color pattern when ordering the tie dye? I know the colors vary but I’d like to know exactly what I would be buying.
A: Contact us and explain what you need and we will gladly send you photos of what I have in stock and you can choose your favorites.

Q: I’m not sure what size snap suit to order as a gift, do you recommend a size for a newborn?
A: I think it’s always safer to buy a larger size than labeled. This is true for all the other clothes we have. If you know the baby will wear the item right away, and/or the baby is small, then choose the 5-8 lb size. Otherwise, I would go with a larger size.

Q: If the clothes I order don’t fit, can I return them?
A: If you haven’t washed or worn the clothes you may return them. Please contact us.

Q: What are the dimensions of the apron? Do they come in any other size or length?
A: The aprons only come in one size and design for now. The length is approximately 22 inches, the width is approximately 26 inches, and the ties are each approximately 33 inches long.

Q: I’m having a problem making my bracelet can I contact you for help?
A: Absolutely, contact us and we will be happy to walk you through it. You can also view the video instructions and see if that helps.

Q: I’d like a recycled denim apron to be made from my own jeans, can you do that?
A: We can certainly use your jeans to make an apron. It’s a great idea do use your own jeans or the jeans of someone special- it could be a friend, boyfriend, spouse or even your child.

Q: Can you make a gender neutral version of your denim apron, one without the flower top?
A: We are working on that right now - a simple design that anyone can wear. We’ll let you know when we are done.

Q: Can I order a bracelet with two colors instead of just one?
A: Yes, just contact us or specify the colors in the notes section at checkout. We will contact you if I have any questions.

Q: I’m interested in a custom doll, what clothing is available for the doll?
A: The dolls come with a simple top and bottom designed and made by hobbyist Dana Grant. We can put you in touch with Dana if you are interested in clothes for your doll. Note: There are so many dolls on the market today and clothing sizes vary with the doll size. If you find a doll of a similar size, chances are the clothes will fit your doll as well. Contact us if you have any further questions about clothing.
Note: Dana Grant designed and made the clothes pictured on the brunette doll and the short haired blonde doll. We painted the New York top on the brunette doll.

Q: Do the knitting needles come in any other size?
A: We only make size 10 needles. This size is perfect for all knitters, from the novice knitter to the more advanced one.

Q: If you don’t have something in stock that I’m interested in, how long will it take for you to make?
A: It all depends on what you are interested but most things can be made and shipped within 7-10 days. Aprons take a bit longer but dolls are custom made and can take up to a month to create. Contact us for more information on anything you may be interested in.